Business goals should be the heart of any business. They focus the owner on what to do. They help to make intelligent trade-offs when needed. Business goals also help avoid redundant tasks that sound cool but don't affect the business outcome.

Business goals management includes creating goals, extracting subgoals, and specifying which tasks to do to achieve each goal. Managing business goals should also have constant learning on what is helping to achieve the goals and whatnot. In addition, the business goals might be changed or even removed if it doesn't make sense to go after them when you learn new things. Also, tracking the progress of the business goals is crucial, so you will know whether you are on the right track.

As a small business owner, you must have business goals and manage them. It would be best to have business goals since time is the most precious resource you have. It is hard to figure out what to prioritize from all things you have to do without business goals. it would be best to manage them for the same reason, ensuring that you are constantly working on the most critical tasks for your business success.

Time management is the process of planning when and how much time to spend on each task, for example, doing a specific task in the morning and devoting 1 hour to complete it. We can call it the process of when since we can schedule it in the calendar.
Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle, for example, planning the task, putting it on our to-do list, and executing it. We can call it the process of state since we change the task's state.
Goals management is the process that decides why and whether we should do a specific task. We can call the process of why. You can altogether avoid tasks that will not affect your business goals.

Business goals management is a complex process that requires a lot. It's a dynamic process that changes as you learn more about how to reach your business goals, tasks that seem relevant today might be irrelevant in a few days. You can do it by yourself, but you can also help by a web app built specifically for business goal management for small business owners for example, can help you manage your business goals.